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BARDUVA was founded in 1996. Company’s main activity is the production of hangar doors. Continuous improvement, production capacity expansions, modern technology and skilled workers efforts provides an opportunity to introduce our product – hangar door.

BARDUVA was founded in 1996. Company’s main activity is the production of hangar doors.
Continuous improvement, production capacity expansions, modern technology and skilled workers efforts provides an opportunity to introduce our product – hangar door.We pursue for customer satisfaction, long-term partnership and product reliability and quality while ensuring quality at each design, technology development, production and service chain.
Periodic training of personnel, equipment and tools monitoring, revision, and other procedures ensures product compliance with the standards.
BARDUVA efficiency of activity leads to a responsible and professional team, which is not afraid to take greater responsibilities in the implementation of interesting and challenging projects, which requires constant look for new ideas and new solutions.
While living today, we continuously thinking about tomorrow, because we know that the success belongs to those who best predicts the needs of future consumers.We love challenges. We are ready to fulfill customer orders more quickly than others and to carry out such orders, the other cannot.
• To create and develop modern, safe and reliable hangar doors, using modern technologies and latest scientific achievements.
• To work so, that every builder, contractor or client would have minimum problems during the operation of the gate.
• Be innovative and competitive company, capable of providing high quality products.

Carrying out its mission, company intends to

• Supply only the highest quality products to the market.
• Effectively and flexibly serve company’s customers.
• Increase company’s economic vitality and enhance company value.

Respect – mutual respect and trust, let us reach maximum results.
Reliability – employees and company partners commitments execution is the guarantee of stability;
Quality – high work quality and speed, stampede forward, constant strive for more.
Long-term partnership – not the pursuit of one-day benefits, but long-term relationships enable conditions for company steady growth and prosperity.
• Global, systemic thinking, open to innovation, that doesn’t not ignores experience.
• Innovation, knowledge, sophistication, continuous learning and improvement.
• While developing safe, economically attractive hangar door, become the leading hangar door manufacturing company, to provide products that maximally suits Lithuanian and foreign users’ needs.
• To be the best company for employees, ensuring their satisfaction and interest at work.
• To base our activities on trust, respect to each other and honest work.
• To strive for company’s profit as guarantee for stability and success.
Hoist-up fabric doors – doors of virtually unlimited size. Because of the light weight and design simplicity, they are assembled very quickly and easily. Each fabric door is designed to meet specific project requirements. Our skilled engineers will design doors to fulfill specific customer requirements, and calculate the wind loads for this design. Our doors do not occupy a lot of usable space. Unlike other manufacturers, Barduva fabric doors do not need much space at the top of the building, so you do not lose headroom. Because of the particular and well-thought-out design, the door folds compactly when raised. Since you lose no headroom, it means smaller building construction costs! Doors can close very big openings, but are very light, so the building will receive minimum loads. In some cases, we recommend the division of a large opening into several smaller ones, using a movable pylons system. This system for your building may be more effective than a single large leaf frame. With a high speed requirement, the doors can be designed so that the gate would work at higher speeds. This would improve the speed of traffic flow and reduce energy consumption. Fabric doors are made of aluminium and PVC sheet and are very light, but perfectly suitable for use in aggressive, corrosive atmosphere and extreme weather conditions. These doors fit tightly on both sides of the frame and lower beam, are impervious to dust, sand and resistant to wind loads.

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With the developments in new technologies and agricultural machinery, bigger and bigger storage buildings are constructed, such as hangars, which need entry-exit gates to be closed, and to protect property from the weather conditions. Whatever that is, hangars for industry, buildings for agricultural machinery or any other commercial project – the decision is clear – HOIST-UP FABRIC HANGAR DOOR.

Doors are made of aluminium, and PVC fabric tent are very lightweight, but perfectly suitable for use in aggressive, corrosive environment and extreme weather conditions. These doors are resistant to wind, salt and temperature changes, as well as protection from sand and dust, mould and rot.

Fabric doors consists of such basic structural and functional components:
Frame thickness – 185 or 295 mm.
Suspension components – Steel cables or lifting belts.

Gate Material:
high resistance polyester fabric coated with PVC.
Sheet materials – polyester H5551 HEYTex. (Materials in accordance with DIN 75200 standard)
Flame braking – max. 100 mm / min. (ISO 3795).
Resistance to tear lengthwise/crosswise – 500/500 N. (DIN 53363).
Temperature resistance -30 ° C / 70 ° C. (DIN EN 1876-1).
Resistant to UV rays, mold or rotting.
Resistant to icing and building construction deformations.

Bottom profile:
Galvanized steel profiles (colored) with (EPDM) sealing.
Side guide rails: aluminum profiles.

Steel cables:
diameter 6 – 8 – 10 mm.

Lifting belts:
width 60 – 90 – 120 mm.
Velocity: 0.2 meters per second.

Control unit:
Digital control panel, the voltage of 3 x 400 V / N / PE, control voltage 24V DC.
Standard controls: 3 buttons control unit (open – stop – close).
The lift cycle counter.
Manual controls in case of emergency.

Standard safety devices:
Safety switch for each cable, engine is fitted with built-in brakes.
Protection against finger crushing from the inside and outside.
Protection from falling gate in case of ruptured belt.

The belt hangar door system is controlled by two straps from the sides of the structure. Belts are coupled to the lower beam, the motor rotates the drum, which winds the belt, and lift the doors. When the drum belts are rolled out, the doors are lowered. These doors have a safety brake, which has two functions: The rupture of one of the belts will stop the movement of the whole structure. After closing the doors, the safety brake blocks movement of the doors – wind lock. hd_belts

System Features



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Belts are durable and resistant to corrosion. Control motors can be one or two, depending on the construction design and dimensions. In very large gauges, the gate can be divided into several segments, assembling mullion system. Fully adjustable side belt pulleys will help prevent wear and ensure safe operation of the hangar door. The motor has electromagnetic protection that activates with an unexpected increase in the rate of descent and the system completely stops.

The rope cable doors lifting system differs from belt-operated doors in that the lower beam is lighter. Instead of the two sides of the belt, these gates operated by cables with a pitch of about 2 meters. This allows almost unlimited gate gauges. In addition, the cables are equally distributed over the entire width of the door, not just the edges, it ensures a smooth operation and minimizes the force load of the building.
With each rope cable a dual cable control sensor is installed so that in case of an emergency, rupture or loosening of one of the cables, the door is stopped. Cables are rolled in and rolled out by the drums.

Unlimited numbers of motors depend on the building design and dimensions. In very large sizes, the gate can be divided into several segments, assembling the mullion system.hd_cable


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